Our Story

From Me To You is a London based organisation whose core focus is to support people living with cancer from within the UK's black community. We exist to reduce healthcare inequalities for people of colour and challenge the many taboos surrounding cancer that force black people with cancer to often unnecessarily experience feelings of guilt and shame while fighting their illness.   

Our organisation has been running informally since early 2020, starting as a Facebook group that offered a safe space to black people living with cancer and their carers, providing support, responding to numerous enquiries and signposting people to relevant health and care services.

Having progressed, we now run a fortnightly online peer support group that offers one-to-one support, assisting our members to make their voices heard and accessing the quality healthcare services they are entitled to and deserve. Using the expertise and experiences within the group, we frequently find ourselves upon request researching alternative treatments that may be available to our members. People have expressed finding this support empowering and enabled them to have informed discussions with their physicians/consultants.

Too many stories of disempowerment, overwhelming feelings of anxiety due to a lack of support or testimonies from members who felt too intimidated to question even the smallest part of their treatment plan have helped us collectively recognise that we needed to do more. The frustration that we experienced trying to identify a culturally appropriate advocacy service for people living the black cancer experiences is not readily available. 

This topic has been an ongoing theme among our members. With the support of the Macmillan's London Engagement Team, we have formally registered From Me To You The Art of Survival as a registered charity. This is a pilot model that is led by experts by experience that supplements our support group meetings.